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Ziimund and Phil Ivey Engage in Another Colossal Coin Flip

by Poker Team

In an occurrence reminiscent of something they did back in January, Ziigmund and Phil Ivey again yesterday agreed to push all their chips in preflop to engage in another coin flip of epic proportions.  The action took place during a $500/$1000 heads up match on Full Tilt Poker as they were ending a grueling session against one another.  Here is a copy of the transcript prior to and during the hand before the cards were dealt on the flop:

Ziigmund: i have to go
Ziigmund: 1 flip?
Phil Ivey: k
Phil Ivey: ‘this hand for everything???
Ziigmund: yes
Ziigmund: im coming 3rd to vegas
Ziigmund: u there then?
Phil Ivey: k good luck
Ziigmund raises to $3,000
Ziigmund: 44J7
Phil Ivey: omg
Phil Ivey: wowowwowo
Phil Ivey reraises to $9,000
Phil Ivey: 222 7
Ziigmund reraises to $27,000
Phil Ivey: lol lollol
Phil Ivey reraises to $81,000
Ziigmund reraises to $128,998 and is all in

As it turned out, both players had pretty bad hands. Ziigmund held 4d-4c-7c-Jh while Ivey had 2s-7d-2s-2c.  Preflop after all the money went in, the winner would get $257,996.  This just is insane by most “normal” standard thinking.

The flop came out and it was Kd-8d-4s meaning Ziigmund had flopped a set of 4’s and Ivey was drawing dead.  The 6 of hearts on the turn and the 9 of clubs on the river were inconsequential and Ziimund had taken down the gigantic coin flip.

So in 2 months, these pros have flipped against each other twice and Ziigmund has come out victorious both times, winning well over a half million dollars. It will be interesting to see if and when these two decide to do it again.

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