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Ziigmund Beats Antonius for 3 Quarters of a Million Dollars

by Poker Team

During high stakes Mixed HA action last night at Full Tilt Poker, Ziigmund took Patrik Antonius for a whopping $785,000.

In the first hand which took place in a $500/$1000 Pot Limit Hold em hand, Ziigmund held the Ace of hearts and Jack of Clubs.  In the small blind, he raised to $3,000 only to have Antonius re-raise up to $9,000.  With his strong hand, Ziigmund makes the call

The flop was Ac-As-4s, an absolutely enormous flop for Ziigmund.  Acting first, Antonius led out for $12,000 and interestingly, Ziigmund smooth called.

The turn card was the 8 of hearts and this time Antonius checked and Ziigmund bets out $24,500.  After a few moments, Antonius shoves all in for a shade over $98,000.  Ziigmund instacalls and Antonius shows 2s-6s for a flush draw.

The river card was the 5 of hearts which did not help out Antonius at all, giving Ziigmund the pot worth $239,972.

In hand # 2, also during $500/$1000 Pot Limit Hold em, Ziigmund was dealt pocket Jacks.  In somewhat of a rare occurrence between these two players, all the money did not go in until all the cards were dealt, a bonus for those who like analyzing poker on a street by street level.  Pre-flop Antonius in the small blind made it $3,000 to go and Ziigmund bumped it up to $9,000. Antonius called.

The flop was 2c-10s-8c and Ziigmund led out for $19,000 with his overpair.  Antonius, seemingly befuddled, just called.  The turn card was the 2 of diamonds, pairing the board, and Ziigmund again led out for $39,000 and surprisingly, Antonius again just called.

The river card was the 5 of hearts and Ziigmund now moved all in and Antonius called with his remaing $80,000. Ziigmund’s Jacks were good as Antonius mucked his hand, and Ziigmund took down the pot worth $290,983.

In the final big hand between the two players, Ziigmund again was aggressive on every street while reducing the perhaps gun shy Antonius into a calling station.  In this $500/$1000 Pot Limit Omaha hand, Ziigmund was dealt 6s-7s-8c-5c, very nice cards.  Preflop, Antonius raised to $3,000 and Ziigmund re-raised to $9,000.  Antonius just called.

The flop was Jh-4d-5d, giving Ziigmund a nice wrap to the nut straight.  He led out betting $14,000 and after some hesitation, Antonius called.  The turn card was the 3 of hearts, completing Ziigmund’s straight draw.  Sensing Antonius’ confusion, he led out for $46,000 and Antonius makes the call.  The river card was the 3 of spades and not even fearing a full house by the way the hand was played out, he bet $139,000 and for the 3rd time, Antonius called and Ziigmund’s straight was good giving him the $414,000 pot

Again, Antonius mucked and we will never know just what he had.  I’m sure Ziigmund doesn’t mind though.

Both players play online at Full Tilt Poker.

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