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Ziigmund and Durrrr Stage Colossal Heads Up Match

by Poker Team

Last night, Ziigmund and Durrrr squared off in a heads up match on Full Tilt’s $500/$1000 Mixed HA tables and at one table in particular they had one gigantic pot after another.  At one point, Ziigmund built up his stack to a whopping $900K while Durrrr was down to a single buy in.  During the match, Durrrr staged a valiant comeback but at the match-up’s conclusion, Ziigmund was still up $350K.  Despite the defeat at this table, Durrrr was still a winner on the day as he was very successful at his other tables.

First Big Hand

Here are a couple of the key hands.  In the first hand during a Pot Limit Omaha round, Ziigmund was dealt 10s-Kh-8c-6s.  Preflop the action between the two players was aggressive as expected.  Durrrr raised to $3,000, Ziigmund without hesitation made it $9,000 and Durrrr, not liking that very much, made it $27,000 to go.  Ziigmund smooth called and the players were off to see the flop with $54,000 already in the pot.

The flop was Kc-4d-7h so Ziigmund had flopped a pair of Kings and a gut shot straight draw.  Ziigmund checked and Durrr fired out a bet of $34K.  Ziigmund immediately check raised his semi-strong holding to $156K and Durrrr moved all in for $206K total.  The pot stood at $398,389 with 2 cards to come.  Durrrr showed Kd-7d-5s-8s for top two pair and a gutshot, so he was leading when the money went in.

The turn card was the 8 of hearts and the players were now tied with one card to come and both having a gut shot straight redraw.  Durrrr needed a 6 and Ziigmund needed a 5 and each player had one of their opponents outs.  The river came and it was the 5 of hearts, giving Ziigmund the nearly $400K pot.

Second Big Hand

In the 2nd key hand of the matchup, Ziigmund already had a nearly 7 to 1 chip advantage on Durrrr.  This time the preflop action was a mirror image of the first hand.  This time, Ziigmund raised to $3,000, Durrrr re-raised to $9,000 and Ziigmund 3-bet to $27,000 to go which is _ of the stack Durrrr had let at this table.

Ziigmund was holding Ah-2h-Jd-10d, a very good looking hand.  The flop was Qh-8h-9c giving Ziigmund the nut straight and the nut flush redraw on the flop.  He appeared to have this hand pretty locked up.  Durrrr led out for $54,000 and Ziigmund must have been counting his money as he put Durrrr all in for $36,000 more.  The cards were revealed and Durrrr held 5s-10h-6h-8d.  He had a flush draw but was pretty much drawing dead as he needed a miracle turn and river to win the pot outright.

The turn was the Queen of diamonds and the river was the Queen of spades and Ziigmund took down this pot also to the tune of $238,799. Overall, it was a great session for Ziigmund.

Both players play online poker at Full Tilt Poker.

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