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Zigmund Rebounds After Having Brutal Month

by Poker Team

After having an absolutely brutal first month of December where the online poker high stakes player Ziigmund registered over $1.4 million in losses, he began making his comeback during a monster session yesterday during which he won $865,000 playing Pot Limit Omaha and HA. In total, he profited $345,000 in PLO and $560 in HA. In doing so, he was up against such powerhouses as Brian Hastings, Durrr, and Urindanger to name a few. He was able to take down two pots in excess of $340,000 each during his amazing run. Here is a recap of those two pot.

First Pot

The first pot occurred durin a heads up match of $500/$1000 heads up pot limit Omaha against Patrik Antonious. Ziigmund was in the big blind holding Ad-2d-Jh-8h while Antonious held Jd-Kd-Kc-10c. Antonious raised from the small blind to $3,000 and a raising war ensued with Ziigmund coming back for $9,000 and Antonious re-raising to $27,000. Ziigmund chose to just call. The flop hit both players hard as it was 2h-6d-8d as Ziigmund flopped top and bottom pair with the nut flush draw while Antonious held an overpair with the 2nd nut flush draw. Both payers shipped it in on this flop as Antonious bet $54,000 and was put all in by Ziigmund’s $216,000 raise. The turn further strengthened Ziigmund’s hand as the Ace of hearts gave him an even better two pair along with a heart flush draw. The 9 of hearts on the river completed one of Ziigmund’s flushes and entitled him to the $365,000 pot.

2nd Pot

The 2nd hand of note occurred in a six-handed $200/$400 pot limit Omaha game and was contested between Ziigmund, Brian Hastings and Urindanger. On the button, Hastings put in a pot-sized raise of $1,200 which was immediately called by the small blind Ziigmund. Urindanger had other plans as he re-raised to $4,800 from the Big Blind. Hastings called as did Ziigmund who held Ah-2s-Qc-Qd. The flop was music to Ziigmund’s ears at it was Qh-7h-7s as he flopped Queens full. He checked his monster and Urindanger took the bait, betting out $5,600. Hastings folds and Ziigmund checkraises to $31,200 which Urindanger just calls. The turn is the 10 of diamonds and Ziigmund leads out for $58,200 which Urindanger again calls. The river was the innocent 2 of hearts and Ziigmund puts Urindanger all-in with his $182,400 bet. Urindanger mucked his hand so no one knows for certain what he had, most likely Aces or Kings with the heart flush draw.

So Ziigmund is officially back on the comeback trail it seems. Observers will be watching to see how he continues at the highest stakes games around.

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