WSOPE - Cheaters canned in Cannes

by Jeremy

The 2011 WSOPE is in full swing at the Majestic Barrière Cannes and Le Croisette Casino Barrière casinos, and there have already been some big winners. Unfortunately, just down the road, there have already been some big cheaters too after a group of four men were arrested in Cannes, France.

According to news reports, three Italian poker players conspired with a French dealer to cheat players out of thousands of dollars. In all, authorities say that the players made over $42,000, but the amount isn’t even the impressive part of this story.

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Apparently, the players gave the French dealer a deck that was marked with invisible ink. And the dealer kept these cards in play while the Italian poker players wore special contact lenses that ensured only they could see the ink.

Expatica explained the process in full by writing:

The Frenchman, a casino employee, made sure the three Italian players were dealt hands from a deck marked in invisible ink, which the players could see by wearing special contact lenses, police said.

This is one of the older tricks in the poker cheating book since other people have used invisible ink and special glasses before. However, using special contact lenses is a more rare cheating method in live poker, and one that’s harder to detect as well.

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Fortunately though, the authorities were able to nab these crooks, and stop their run of cheating. Of course, this certainly won’t eliminate the problem as Expatica wrote:

Investigators said they suspected other casinos on the French Riviera may have fallen victim to the scam, which is well known in casinos in the United States but new to France.