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WSOP Satellites and Qualifiers 2009

by Poker Team

Spring time is here which means that along with better weather approaching, so approaches the 2009 World Series of Poker. Though the economy is struggling, it doesn’t figure to have as much of an impact on the crown jewel of the poker world. All over the internet, the industry’s most popular online poker sites are offering satellites and qualifiers ways to win their way into the event in the hopes of striking it rich. Most sites are offering online packages to the Main Event which takes place from July 3rd - July 14th, but some poker sites are also offering alternative packages. Though each site is offering prize packages, each has a unique method in which they are doing so. Here are what some of the popular online poker sites are offering for 2009 WSOP satellites

Poker Sites Offering Satellites to the 2009 WSOP:

Full Tilt Poker WSOP Satellite Tournaments

Full Tilt Poker is offering a boatload of opportunities to get into the 2009 World Series of Poker. They are offering buy in satellites, daily tournaments and over a half dozen promotions to get as many players into the series as possible. The crowning achievement in poker, winning the Main Event itself, if done while wearing Full Tilt Poker apparel will be worth an additional $10 million. Full Tilt is looking to give away more than 500 Main Event prize packages worth $12,000 apiece. To jumpstart this goal, they began running tournaments on March 6th and will do so through June 21st, 2009. This is enough reason to get in on Full Tilt’s action. But if you need more incentive, they have plenty.

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Daily Main Event Shootouts
They began running these unique events on Monday, March 9th and will do so through Sunday, June 21st. These are $200+$16 81-player Shootout Tournaments at 3:30PM ET and 8:30PM ET held every day with one prize package guaranteed per Shootout. Players can buy into satellites for these for just $1 or 50 Full Tilt Points. The structure is unique in that the tournament will begin with 9-nine player tables and the winner of each moves to a final table where the winner earns the coveted prize package.

$300 Tuesday Main Event Guarantee
At 9:00PM ET each Tuesday from March 6th through June 21st players can buy into a $300 + $22 guaranteed tournament where a minimum of 2 prize packages will be awarded. Again, satellites for these begin at $1 or 50 Full Tilt Points.

$200 Wednesday Main Event Guarantee
Every Wednesday at 4:30PM ET from March 6th through June 21st Full Tilt will be guaranteeing that at least one player will win a $12K Main Event prize package. These tournaments feature a buy in of $200+$16 or satellite your way in for as little as $1 or 50 Full Tilt Points.

$1K Thursday Main Event Guarantee
Each Thursday from March 6th through June 21st at 9:00PM ET, this high roller tournament will award one $12,000 Main Event prize package for every 12 players. With five seats guaranteed every Thursday, this is the tournament with the highest ratio of Main Event entries. The buy in to this weekly tournament is $1,000+$60 and players can play in satellites for as little as $1 or 50 Full Tilt Points.

$300 Saturday Main Event Guarantee
Every Saturday from March 6th through June 21st, players can buy into this one directly for $300+$22, or satellite in starting at just $1 or 50 Full Tilt Points.

$500 Sunday Main Event Guarantee
Each Sunday at 4:30PM ET from March 6th through June 21st, there are $500+$35 buy in tournaments where a seat is awarded for every $12K in entry fees.

150 Seat Main Event Guarantee
Players can make their way to the Main Event with a $12K prize package by playing in the 150 Seat Main Event Guaranteed tournament in which at Least 150 seats to the Main Event will be awarded. All a player has to do is finish in the top 150. That’s it. This tournament will take place 6:00PM ET on Sunday, June 21st with a $500+35 buy in. For those doing the math, that comes out to $1.8 million in guaranteed prize money.

Race to the Main Event
Full Tilt Poker’s exclusive Race to the Main Event began on Monday, March 9th when they starting holding daily Freeroll tournaments that will run through Sunday, June 21st. By the time the race ends, 100 players will have won free seats to the 2009 WSOP Main Event. Players can claim their free tournament entry by finding one of their Main Event Race – Round 1 SNGs which run all day and all night around the clock. Players that win one of these SNGs and you’ll qualify to play in one of their Main Event Race – Round 2 Freerolls which occur four times each day. If the player wins either first or second place in one of these daily Preliminary Freerolls they advance to our Main Event Race – Finals Freerolls which are held each Sunday at 4:15PM ET. The top eight finishers in a Finals Freeroll and will be rewarded with a completely free WSOP Main Event entry worth $10,000.

SPRINT to the Main Event
Take a Shortcut
Looking for a shortcut to the Main Event? Just make your first real-money deposit on Full Tilt or Refer A Friend to Full Tilt Poker and they will give you a direct entry good for one of their four daily Main Event Race – Round 2 Freerolls.

Sprint for Your Seat
Because not everyone’s a marathon runner, Full Tilt is offering you the chance to bypass both the Main Event Race - Round 1 SNGs and the Main Event Race – Round 2 Freerolls, and sprint for your Main Event seat by starting your race in one of our weekly Main Event Race - Finals Freerolls.
To receive your free Main Event Race - Finals Freeroll entry, players just need to earn 3,000 or more Full Tilt Points in a qualifying week. There’s no limit to the number of Main Event Race – Finals Freeroll entries players can earn.

Race for Bracelets
There are more than 50 preliminary tournaments at this year’s World Series of Poker, and you can win your buy-ins to all of these events in Full Tilt’s popular Race for Bracelets tournaments.

These daily tournaments feature direct buy-ins from $24 + 2 to $69 + $6, and award at least one $2K prize package.

$200K Stimulus Qualifier

Beat the recession by playing in the $200K Stimulus Qualifier and win one of 80 seats to the World Series of Poker* Event #4, the “Stimulus Special”. This $1,000 buy-in No-Limit Hold ‘em tournament is destined to have the largest starting field outside of the Main Event, and the prize pool is expected to reach $5 million.

You can win your seat to Event #4 by playing in the $200K Stimulus Qualifier, a special $30 + $3 tournament on May 10th at 17:30 ET. At least 80 finishers will win a $2,500 prize package, including the $1,000 Entry fee to event #4 and $1,500 for expenses. Buy in directly to the $200K Stimulus Qualifier or satellite your way in for as little as $1 or 50 Full Tilt Points.

Titan Poker WSOP 2009 Satellites

Titan Poker is offering 3 separate satellite series promotions for World Series hopefuls and not just for the main event. Here is what they have to offer:

2009 WSOP World Championship No-Limit Hold’em Main Event
Titan Poker will be awarding WSOP Main Event Packages worth $13,000. Each package includes:
$10,000 buy-in to the Main Event
$850 for 7 Nights’ accommodation at the Rio - July 4th - July 11th
$250 Registration fees
$1,900 for flights and spending

Players can buy into Titan’s WSOP 2009 Main Event Super Satellites for $500 + $35. with the first Super Satellite having taken place on March 29th. However, players with less accomplished bankrolls can also try to win a seat at one of many low-priced ongoing Sit ‘N’ Go satellites and daily qualifying tournaments that began on March 20th, 2009.

2009 WSOP No Limit Hold’em Side Events
In addition to the Main Event, Titan Poker is also one of the first online poker sites to feature Super Satellite promotions to other No Limit Hold Em bracelet events as well. These events take place from June 13th - June 18th, and these packages are worth $6,000 each. The packages include:

Buy-in to WSOP NLH Events 28 and 34, each with a $1,500 buy-in
$950 for 8 Nights’ accommodation at the Rio - June 11th - June 19th
$250 for registration fees
$1,800 for flights and spending

Just like the main event satellites, players can buy in directly to the Super Satellites for $200 + $15, with the first taking place on May 2nd. There are also smaller buy in qualifying Sit and Go tournaments for these as well.

2009 WSOP World Championship of Pot-Limit Omaha
Pot Limit Omaha is quickly becoming one of the most popular and lucrative forms of poker out there and Titan Poker is taking advantage of the opportunity by awarding seats to the WSOP World Championship of Pot-Limit Omaha. These packages are also worth $13,000 apiece and winners receive the same amenities given to the main event package winners. The Super Satellites are set to begin on May 9th and you can buy in directly for $500 + $35 or through the cheaper Sit and Go qualifiers.

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Carbon Poker WSOP Satellites 2009

Carbon Poker is giving players the chance to earn entries into the World Series of Poker Main Event through an array of buy-in satellite tournaments featuring multi-table tournament (MTT) and Sit’n'Go satellites starting from as low as $2 buy-in. Players have an opportunity to work their way up to the Grand Final events, where either large guaranteed prize pools or $12,500 real life tournament packages are given away. Their schedule is as follows:
Sit’n'Go - $2, $10 & $55 tournaments registering 24/7, visit the Tournaments > Sit’n'Go > Satellite tab of the software
$2 MTT - Every day at 06:30, 09:00, 13:45, 16:00, 20:30 & 00:00 time. (GMT-5 / ET-1)
$10 MTT - Every day at 10:30, 14:30, 19:00 & 21:30 time. (GMT-5 / ET-1)
$55 MTT - Every Tuesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday at 18:00 time. (GMT-5 / ET-1)

Grand Final tournament times are to be determined.

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Cake Poker WSOP Satellite Qualifiers

Cake Poker is running 3 separate promotions in anticipation of the 2009 World Series Poker.

$10 NL Main Event
Cake is giving players the chance to win a prize package worth $13,000. Each Sunday at 4PM, for $425+30, players can by into the Main Event Qualifier. For every $13,000 in buy ins, 1 WSOP prize pack will be awarded. Players have numerous opportunities to win satellites into this qualifier. They feature 2 daily cash satellites, a $20 +2 rebuy and add on as well as a $5 rebuy and add on. The $20+2 winners advance directly into the qualifying finals on Sundays while the $5 + .50 winners reach the semi-finals with a chance to win their way into the final. This is the lowest cost option they feature. In addition, players are able to participate in a 3-step structure as they try to climb the ladder of success. Step 1 is a $7.50 tournament, step 2 is $30, and Step 3 is $110. Win 4 tournaments and you are on your way to the main event.

Lastly, Cake offers Gold Chips satellites through their rewards program in which players can use their accumulated and collected gold chips to buy into special separate satellites.

WSOP Event 54
Cake Poker is planning to send over 100 players to participate in WSOP Event #54, a $1,500 No Limit event being held on June 29th. The structure is simple. Twice a week, on Saturdays at 5PM and Wednesdays at 9:30PM, Cake will be holding $20+2 buy in tournaments and for every $2,500 in the prize pool, one seat to event #54 plus $1,000 will be going to the winners. This is a golden opportunity to take part in the WSOP experience at a low cost.

$250,000 WSOP Giveaway
Players who have accumulated gold cards will be allowed to redeem them, one per day from April 1st through June 15th to participate in free tournaments with the winner of each advancing to event #54. A free tournament for a free entry to the World Series. Players are encouraged to play ring games in the meantime as it is the only way to earn the coveted gold cards needed to enter.

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Absolute Poker Satellites to the WSOP 2009

At Absolute Poker there are three ways for players to work their way into the Main Event, starting from as little as 10 cents.

1 . Step to it: For just 10 cents, players can begin playing in one of their new Step tournaments. The first 10 Steps qualifiers will also win an Aruba Package worth $8.5K

2. Satellite in: For those who have some cash in their accounts, players can skip a couple levels and save time earning their way in through satellite tournaments with buy ins beginning at a reasonably priced $10.

3. Route 1: For better financed players, there is the option to just go ahead and buy into Absolute’s Sunday Super Satellite for $500 +$30 at 8:30PM ET. In each Super Satellite, they will be awarding a minimum of one $12K package to the WSOP.

Players who are skilled and fortunate enough to way in with Absolute Poker, they have the opportunity to earn a whopping $10 million bonus through the Stack ‘em (very) High promotion. If a player wins their seat through Absolute and wears their gear throughout, should they actually win the Main Event, Absolute Poker will give them an extra $10,000,000 bonus.

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Party Poker Satellites to the 2009 WSOP

PartyPoker is aiming to simplify the ways in which players can get into the WSOP Main Event. The site offers qualifying tournaments for as little as $2 in addition to a plethora a freerolls whose journey takes a bit longer which means anyone with a live connection outside of the United States can get in. In addition to the prize packages to be one, which supplies last, players can also purchase their seats directly though the PartyPoints Store. In the store, players can find two distinct prize packages:

Main Event Package (approx $12k value)
Main Event Buy In
7 nights Accommodation
$2K Spending Money

Vegas Experience (approx $5.5K value)
Return Flights for 2 people
Seven nights’ accommodation – choose your dates from 22nd June to 3rd July
Limo Transfers
$1,500 toward side event Buy In of your choice.
1 Vegas Activity for 2 people from: Grand Canyon Trip, Hover Dam Trip, Speedway Experience, Red Rock Canyon Tour, Las Vegas Night Strip Helicopter Tour, Dune Buggy Tour

If that’s not enough, there is a performance based promotion. The PartyPoker player with the highest finish at this year’s Main Event also receives a free entry to the 2010 WSOP Main Event for a 2nd chance to earn poker immortality.

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PokerStars WSOP Satellites

The PokerStars Satellite schedule is quite in depth. We’ve created an entire page about PokerStars WSOP Satellites.

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