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WSOP Satellite Tips

by Jeremy

As we draw nearer to the end of May, the 2012 WSOP is inching closer. Assuming you don’t have thousands of dollars for a tournament buy-in - not to mention money for the trip to Vegas - you still have some time to win a WSOP prize package and get involved in the action. Of course, it’s not easy to win a prize package because WSOP satellites can get pretty competitive. That said, let’s take a quick look at some WSOP satellite tips.

Aim for Smaller Prize Packages

While the WSOP Main Event is what everybody focuses on since it offers a prize pool worth tens of millions of dollars, these prize packages are the hardest to win. After all, they’re normally worth at least $12,000 and more players are competing for these packages. This is why we highly recommend playing for smaller prizes that are worth $4,500, or in that range. These will put you in a side event where there’s still plenty of money to be won.

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Temper your Expectations

Even when playing for smaller prize packages, it’s difficult to win since there are so many different levels involved. For example, if you bought into a $1 satellite, you’d have to work your way up several levels in hopes of winning a WSOP prize package. During this time, you might have to battle hundreds or even thousands of players to eventually win your prize package. Taking this into account, you should try a dozen or so times to win a prize package, and if it doesn’t happen, don’t be too discouraged.

Play Conservative in the Beginning

One last tip we’d like to mention is how you should play conservative in the beginning of satellites. The reason why is because so many novice players will be overly-aggressive in the beginning stages, which leads to them busting out. You don’t want to be involved in this when the blinds aren’t a factor, so wait for good hands and be conservative.

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