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Player screwed out of $10k Pot at WSOP

by Jeremy

There are plenty of injustices that have happened at casinos and card rooms across the world. However, few of them top what happened to a cash game player during the 2012 WSOP.

The preface to this story is that the OP had just cashed for $7k in the Event #2 $1,500 NL Hold’em tournament, and he wasn’t happy about it. So he sat down to play a $5/$10 cash game at the Rio. Now this guy had been playing professional poker for over 7 years so he was pretty knowledgeable about the game.

Getting into the story, he held 10d-10h on a board of 10s-6c-4s-2h-6s, which made him feel pretty good about having a boat. After shoving his stack in and getting snap-called, the opponent flipped over a pair of 6′s for quads; this led to our hero losing $5k.

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After reloading for another $5k, the player was dealt 10d-Jd, and the board came up Qd-9s-4d-Jd. With a flush courtesy of a duplicate jack of diamonds, our hero alerted the table to the problem - all bets were returned to players. Subsequently, he also explained how ridiculous it was that he lost a $10k to a one-outer hand two orbits before.

This player got so angry that the 15 surrounding tables quit playing and began paying attention to him. Everybody then started demanding that the floor man count the deck in front of the players. However, he refused and walked out while the $10k pot winner cashed out their winnings and left.

Maybe the guy lost to quads on a legitimate play, maybe he didn’t. However, we’ll never know because the Rio staff refused to count the deck out in front of players. And even if the Jd was the only duplicate card, it no doubt had an effect on the order of cards dealt, which puts everything in question. You can read about the whole incident at TwoPlusTwo here.

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