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Should WSOP move from Las Vegas?

by Jeremy

Over the past 43 years, Las Vegas and the WSOP Main Event have gone together like a bow and arrow. Few people question why the WSOP is always held in Vegas because it’s always been that way. However, some poker players have recently begun to wonder if there’s a possibility the Main Event could move to Macau or somewhere else in the future.

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The debate about the WSOP Main Event changing scenery first arose on the TwoPlusTwo forums, and there were people on both sides of the argument. Those in favor of keeping the Main Event in Las Vegas made the following posts:

- Main Event Maccau anyone? Thoughts?
- Change the venue each time like the world cup.
- This. I would love to have the main event near vienna, it´s not like players that can afford to play the ME don´t have enough money to travell abroad. I would just love to rail the ME.

Those against moving the WSOP Main Event wrote these comments:

- You couldn’t just move the main event only you’d have to move the whole wsop. Bad idea imo.
- Do you know the logistics of putting on a 7000+ person tournament? Do you think the average poker player is going to travel to Macau to play a tournament? I dunno if you’ve played in a WSOP Main Event but half the field looks like they’ve never left their home state, much less jumped on a plane for 18 hours to travel to the far corners of the earth.
- Poker isn’t a sport. There is no FIFA equivalent. The WSOP isn’t a “world championship”, it’s a property owned by Harrah’s.

While it’s easier to agree with those who want to keep the WSOP Main Event in Las Vegas, it is a point worth debating. After all, poker has become much more of an international game, and we’re seeing more and more non-Americans making the trip to Vegas each year. Of course, the international mix may have to increase quite a bit more before we can seriously consider uprooting the WSOP Main Event. Plus there is already a WSOPE too as one poster in the thread pointed out.

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