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WPT and Fox Sports offer Online Poker

by Poker Team

Under the shadow of the UIGEA, many online poker players have often wondered if playing their beloved game is truly legal in the eyes of the US. While that matter has been (and will be) debated ad nauseum, one thing is clear: Where there’s a will there’s a way. With the July 31st announcement from the WPT and FSN, there’s now a new outlet for poker fans to enjoy their favorite game. With an innovative twist, they’ve figured out how to offer cash and prizes to online poker players while operating legally under US Sweepstakes rules.

World Poker Tour and Fox Sports Network subscription service

The WPT and FSN will kick off in September with a new television show based on the popular subscription service. For $19.95 a month players have the opportunity to play in over 4,000 live blackjack and poker tournaments. The online world will converge with the real world as players can now win a seat on the upcoming television show by playing the online poker tournaments. While an interesting development and certainly a powerful way to grow their brand name, it remains to be seen just how many players will flock to this type of online experience. Personally, I still like the 1/2NL games at Full Tilt Poker. Instant gratification baby!

“FSN takes pride in its progressive approach to programming and is pleased to be the new home for the World Poker Tour. The WPT is synonymous with big event poker and is a firmly established household brand,” said George Greenberg, FSN Executive Vice President of Programming and Production. “The marriage is perfect.”

“FSN is a reigning media giant whose unparalleled energy and resources will benefit on a whole new level. We look forward to building our relationship with them and establishing additional deals to help reach the huge market potential that holds,” said Steve Lipscomb, WPT Founder, President and CEO.

FSN’s 16 owned-and-operated regional networks and its affiliated networks reach more than 80 million homes across the U.S. In addition to the television series, FSN will exclusively broadcast 26 all-new episodes from World Poker Tour Season VII.

As the debate rages on regarding online poker, I think you’ll see more and more offerings such as this. However, I think the best we (being the online cash game players) can hope for is that most of these folks find their way to a cash game table at Stars or Full Tilt sooner than later. Fish fry, anyone?

If you are still interested in playing online poker in in the US, there are a number of US Poker Rooms that accept players from the United States.

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