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William Reynolds being bashed

by Jeremy

Poker pro William Reynolds has become increasingly prevalent throughout the poker world based on his play and outspoken nature. In fact, he really got some attention after a seemingly drunken rant that involved bashing Phil Ivey, Annie Duke, Jean Robert-Bellande and others.

Some people lauded these comments because Reynolds wasn’t afraid to step up and say what he was feeling, despite the possible implications. And this involved calling Ivey a “baby back b**ch” and ripping Annie Duke for guaranteeing the Epic Poker League $1 million freeroll, but not delivering.

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Anyways, some people have become annoyed with Reynolds’ attitude and are starting to air their thoughts on TwoPlusTwo. The OP kicked things off by posting, “I really can’t stand this guy. And yes, I realise “disappreciation” probably isn’t a word.” Other negative comments made about Reynolds included the following:

- He’s an annoying little dweeb.

- His appearance on the Big Game did irreparable damage to his rep. A total idiot. Not forgetting his Phil Ivey rant. Justified maybe, but no right to come out of his mouth.

- He put me on absolute life tilt during his commentary of the Aussie Millions. Not so much what he was saying but how he was saying it.

- Typical puke faced kid, he will be ok when he learns to shut up more and respect other players a little more. Just cause his mommy told him hes the greatest ever doesn’t mean its true.

It’s worth mentioning that some of the posters jumped to William Reynolds’ defense too and said how they enjoyed his demeanor. If you’d like to see all of the comments about him, you can read them here.

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