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William Reynolds bashes Phil Ivey, Carter Phillips, Others

by Jeremy

Poker pro William Reynolds recently made waves by bashing several well-known players such as Phil Ivey, Annie Duke and Carter Phillips. His rant started with Annie Duke, which is certainly nothing new in the poker world. However, Reynolds took a bit different angle by attacking her for guaranteeing the Epic Poker League $1 million freeroll, and not backing up this guarantee.

Next, he moved on to Carter Phillips, who recently won the 2012 WSOP Event #31. Reynolds ripped on him for disappearing from poker following a staking debacle with Tom Marchese. According to Phillips, he was staked by Marchese for $25,000, then essentially ran off with the money and disappeared, until now.

Phil Ivey was another guy on Reynolds’ radar as he bashed the game’s best all-around player for not sticking up for players. During the rant on Ivey and his tendency to hide during controversy, Reynolds called him a “baby back b*tch.”

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One more player who got ripped on was Jean Robert-Bellande, who Reynolds accused of being an “atrocious player.” Going further, he said that Robert-Bellande runs good when it comes to getting staked by rich backers - even though he’s such a bad poker player. To finish this topic off, he said that whoever’s backing Robert-Bellande should just invest their $1 million straight into the One Drop foundation - rather than wasting it on such a terrible player.

There’s no denying that Reynolds definitely had some good points in his rant on Quad Jacks Radio. Furthermore, he had the balls to make statements that others are thinking, but not saying. However, it’s likely that he’ll be getting the cold shoulder from some prominent players in the future for what he said.

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