Will Reynolds, Ultimate Poker Clash over Alleged YouTube Views Scandal

by Jeremy Olson on September 26, 2014

Months after being dropped by his former sponsor, Ultimate Poker, William Reynolds recently bashed the Nevada-based site. Reynolds began spewing hate after UP announced their decision to pull out of New Jersey by tweeting:

No surprise to see @UltimatePoker pull out of NJ.. They care more about YouTube videos that @dustiniannotti buys fake views for than poker— William A. Reynolds (@ReynoldsXO) September 23, 2014

It seems fairly obvious that Reynolds is alluding to the “Me vs. U” series between Dan ‘O Brien and Danielle Andersen, where they compete against each other in various contests. Judging from the 100k-plus views of Me vs. U - which is far more popular than nearly every other poker video - Reynolds seemed to be on to something.

However, Dustin Iannotti, Director of Content & Pro Marketing for Ultimate Poker, explained through twitter that UP has never bought any YouTube views. He tweeted the following:

We’ve paid 4 advertising on FB & Google Ads to give the vids better placement (something many companies do with their content)

I’m proud of the #’s the content put up & I’m happy to be transparent about those #’s. The claim in the article is inaccurate

Countless other major companies have also used google ad words for promotion

This seems to be a case of Reynolds mistakenly assuming that UP was doing something more crooked than they were. And the FB and Google ads definitely look to have paid off since Me vs. U is outperforming about every other poker video except for bad beats by Carter Gill and Conor Drinan - both of which have earned tons of mainstream popularity.

Reynolds has since deleted his tweet and the controversy seems to have cleared up.