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Will Isildur1 Ever Go Broke?

by Poker Team

Will Isildur1 ever run out of money? This seems to be a rather obvious question on the minds of online poker observers as the still unknown player from Sweden is losing money at unprecedented rates. In his latest losing session, Isildur1 lost almost $2 million dollars in just a matter of several hours against well-known adversaries Ziigmund and Brian Hastings.

The action began in the middle of the afternoon yesterday and at first it seemed as though it would be a good day for him as he posted a $200K heads up win against Ziigmund. However, the wheels completely came off Isildur1’s bus as Ziigmund vacated his seat and Hastings took his place. It is well known that there is no love lost between the two as they were opponents in the matchup that earned Brian Townsend a suspension from Full Tilt Poker. The two opponents seemed to be feeling each other out as Hastings was up $350K after the first 500 hands. However, over the next 1,500, Isildur1 completely unraveled and when it was over, he had lost an astonishing $1.6 million to his archenemy.

The losing did not end there for the Swede. Ziigmund returned once Hastings left and he continued to pour it on, taking back the money he had previously lost to Isildur1 andthen some, posting a $350K win. Ziigmund also bulked up his bankroll later on against Tom “durrrr” Dwan, nearly a quarter million dollars from 2010’s current biggest winner.

It is not known if Isildur1 is being bankrolled by other players. However, if he is, they can’t possibly continue to feed the losing indefinitely, can they?

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