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Will Fry Wins EPT Budapest 2008

by Poker Team

The Pokerstars sponsored European Poker Tour’s event in Budapest, Hungary came to an end yesterday after a hard fought four days at Budapest’s Las Vegas Casino. An Englishman named Will Fry defeated a field of 531 opponents to claim victory in its first ever main event. In claiming victory, Fry took home a grand prize of $765,653.

Not only was this Fry’s first major win, but was also his first major tournament period. Fry has proved to be a person of high character as he has pledged to donate a significant portion of his winnings to charity. In addition to philanthropy, he intends to pay for his home as well as financially assisting his family and friends.

Final Table at the EPT Budapest 2008

The action at the final table was fast and furious as there were many major confrontations between Fry’s opponents. He seemed to be quite content in building his chips as his opponents picked each other off.

As the final table began, Hungarian Zoltan Toth was the chip leader though he lost a chunk of his stack after tussling in a three-way pot with Johnny Lodden and Martin Jacobson. In this key hand, Toth raised preflop with pocket Kings. After a flop of Jd-8s-2d, Lodden made a continuation bet with his overpair and Toth made the call. Jacobson immediately moved all in and was called by both players. Jacobson held 10d-7d for a flush draw and gutshot straight draw while Toth held Ad-Kd making Jacobson’s flush draw pretty much dead. Nothing changed when the 7h hit on the turn but the 9c on the river completed Jacobson’s straight and eliminated Lodden. Meanwhile, Toth was now in dire straits and was eliminated several hands later in 7th place.

Another 3-way pot set the stage for another pivotal pot Will Fry avoided as Gino Alacqua mixed it up with Ciprian Hrisca and Albert Iversen in another big three-way pot. Hrisca raised preflop and Alacqua moved all in over the top and was called by both Iversen and Hrisca. The flop came down Jh-8c-10h. Iversen bet, Hrisca called and both players checked both the turn (J) and river (9h). Iversen showed pocket aces while Alacqua tabled held Ace-10 for a pair of tens. Hrisca won this bloated pot when his A-Q hit a straight on the river.

Now was the time that Fry got into the action in a battle of the blinds. Mario Serenelli raised from the small blind, and Fry re-raised quickly from the big blind. After making the call and checking a flop of 7h-Qh-6s, Serenelli checked and Fry bet out. Serenelli called and when the 2d fell on the turn, Fry responded to another Serenelli check by moving all in. Serenelli called with 5-8 for an open-ender and Fry held J-6 for a pair of sixes which held up and knocked out Serenelli.

Moments later, Fry eliminated Albert Iverson with pocket 8’s and Hrisca knocked out Jacobson to set up the final battle.

In keeping up with the manic nature of the final table, heads up action lasted just 30 minutes as Fry’s pocket Jacks held up again Hrisca’s Ac-6d to give him the win in Hungary’s first major championship.

Here are the final table finishers and the amounts they won:

EPT Budapest Winners - Results

1st William Fry $745,865
2nd Ciprian Hrisca $428,873
3rd Martin Jacobson $247,734
4th Albert Iversen $191,714
5th Marino Serinelli $160,054
6th Gino Alacqua $125,199
7th Zolten Toth $98,561
8th Johnny Lodden $66,595

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