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Who Is Poker Player, Martonas?

by Poker Team

There is a relative newcomer to the high stakes nosebleed games over on Full Tilt Poker and his name is martonas. He hails from Sweden and there is much speculation as to who this person actually is. Some believe that he is either Martin de Knijff or Jonas “Nebuchad” Danielsson, but at present time, there is no way to find out for certain. Whoever it is, martonas has shown a propensity for mixing it up against the best, coaxing players into the $500/$1000 no limit hold em tables. In his first session, he was able to book a massive $900K win before taking a break. Upon his return, none other than Phil Ivey and Ashton “theASHMAN103″ Griffin were waiting for him and the three played a shorthanded game.

Notably, the players participated in what is now the largest no limit pot of the year, a $515,000 pot taken down by Griffin. Each of the players was credited with one pot of over $300K each, however, Griffin left the session down $18,000 while Ivey posted a net loss of over $400K.

The most watched match of the past 24 hours featured martonas doing battle against Tom “Durrrr” Dwan, playing for 3 hours heads up at a $500/$1000 no limit table. In the largest pot of the session, the two players engaged in a huge pre-flop raising war as Dwan held pocket Kings while martonas was dealt pocket tens. After a small card flop of 8-4-3, Dwan open shoved for over $220K and martonas made the call with his overpair. After bricking the turn and river, Durrrr had won the $585,952 pot, the 3rd largest pot of the year, which Dwan has taken all three.

Just an hour later, Durrrr bluffed on 3 streets holding J8 offsuit and was quickly called all three times as martonas had flopped a full house with his pocket kings. This pot was worth over $450K and when the dust had settled martonas had taken down close to a quarter of a million dollars from Dwan.
Who knows if and when this player will reveal his identity. In the meantime, big money players should proceed with caution.

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