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Weekend Tournament Results 11-02-08

by Poker Team

This weekend PokerStars Sunday Million tournament’s prize pool surpassed it’s $1.5 million guarantee as 7.836 players took aim at the weekly ultimate bankroll builder.  PokerStars was undoubtedly pleased with the turnout as for the first time since August, they did not need to shell out a significant overlay.With play down to the final 4 players, a deal was struck between jiacstrap, METZMAGNY, h20ace, and idgii. With $30,000 set aside for the eventual winner, the final 4 agreed to the following chop: jiacstrap, $122,068; METZMAGNY, $147,822; h20ace, $105,772; idgii, $104,842. Jiacstrap, the chip leader at the time the deal was struck was the first of the four to get knocked out which made for a nice decision on his part. Ultimately the heads-up match came down to METZMAGNY and ldgii and going into heads-up play, METZMAGNY began with a 2-1 chip edge, and he big stacked his way to the tournament win and the extra $30,000

Here are the Sunday Million results (11/2/08):

1st - METZMAGNY — $147,822*
2nd - ldgii — $104,842*
3rd - h2oace — $105,772*
4th - Dan “jiacstrap” Jiacopello — $122,068*
5th - Keven “Stammdogg” Stammen — $55,636
6th -Derek “dray313” Raymond — $39,964
7th - Papatri — $27,426
8th - Daryl “aaaaaaaa” Jace — $18,023
9th - tickkid — $10,970

Full Tilt $750K Guaranteed Results (11/2/08)

Unlike PokerStars Sunday Million, the weekend’s second largest tournament, Full Tilt Poker’s $750,000-guaranteed event did require the company to make an overlay. With 3,637 entrants, the prize pool was $727,400 so FullTilt ponied up an additional $22,600.  Despite the overlay, this was the highest turnout they have had since mid-September.

The two final players in line for the six-figure top prize were sistabossen and KenRetaard. Sistabossen ultimately raked in the final pot of the tournament to eliminate her foe and pocket the $133,000 first-place prize. KenRetaard snagged $80,000 for second place.

Here are the final win totals for the final table:

1st - sistabossen — $132,788
2nd - KenRetaard — $80,250
3rd - HojoMofo — $52,500
4th - Don “Tokenizer” Eagen — $41,400
5th - Wesley “snoringbeagl” Whybrew — $31,050
6th - choba5 — $23,025
7th - KpKelly — $17,250
8th - listerx — $13,500
9th - bestdayever — $10,050

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