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Was the Election Favorable to Online Poker?

by Poker Team

Other than the landslide victory by Barack Obama, there were several key victories in Congress that may prove positive for online poker. While no one is really sure where Obama stands on the issue, other vocal Congressmen in support of bills that will allow online poker. The most prominent is Barney Frank (D-MA) who has been a friend to the PPA and online poker players for years. Frank won his bid for re-election Tuesday against Republican Earl Sholley and will continue to fight the good fight.

The man who introduced the Skill Game Protection Act (HR 2610), Robert Wexler (D-FL) won his campaign to remain a Congressman as did Pete Sessions (R-TX) who stated earlier this year, “I may think poker is dumb but it’s not our job to legislate stupidity”. Pete has also introduced a bill (HR6663) that tried to clarify language in the UIGEA.

Another friend to online poker players is Ron Paul (R-TX), who after making an unsuccessful bid at the Presidency, keeps his seat due to that fact that he had no opponent willing to take a run at the popular candidate.

All in all, according to the PPA Congressional Rating System (which tracks politicians and scores them as it relates to their stance on online poker), there were almost a dozen wins by politicians who are friendly to the online poker world. However, with bigger issues to contend with such as the economy and the war, it’s unknown what impact, if any, this will have in the coming months.

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