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Viktor Blom leaves PokerStars - Switching to Full Tilt?

by Jeremy

The biggest poker news of the day is by far the mutual decision of Viktor “Isildur1″ Blom and PokerStars to part ways. Blom had served as a Stars rep for close to two years and was easily one of their most recognizable figures. The Swede explained his reason for wanting out of the PokerStars deal by saying, “I’ve enjoyed my time as a Team Pro and I wish everyone at PokerStars the best. Now I just want to concentrate on playing poker.”

Eric Hollreiser, who is the head of corporate communications for Stars, also spoke on the matter by saying, “In his short time as a poker player, Viktor has played against the biggest names in poker at the highest stakes in the toughest games.” He added, “It’s hard to recall a player who has kept the poker world so riveted at such an early stage of his career. We’ll be watching with great interest and we wish him nothing but success.”

Seeing as how Blom has lost nearly $1.6 million in 2012 high stakes poker games, it’s no surprise that he wants to get more focused and improve his game. Initially, he was lauded for his unconventional style in 2009, when he brashly challenged any top-level pro that would play him. However, it looks like the challenge of being a sponsored pro and staying on top of the high stakes world is proving to be too much.

There is a lot of speculation over what Blom’s next career move will be away from the tables. Some people think that he and Stars parted ways so that Isildur1 could show up in the Full Tilt high stakes games. Others wonder why Blom and Stars would end their original agreement if this were the case since Stars owns FTP. You can read all about this on TwoPlusTwo.

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