Vicky Coren won’t Pimp Casino Games - Leaves PokerStars

by Jeremy Olson on November 28, 2014

In a day and age where sponsored online poker players constantly fear for their contracts, Victoria Coren turned the tables by leaving PokerStars.

With Stars recently announcing a mass launch of online casino games over the next few weeks, Coren decided that this is something that she wants no part of. It is not without regret that the 42-year-old leaves her sponsor as she admits this is a “scary and sad decision.” But for Coren, upholding her principles of not promoting casino games (especially online) is more important than a fat paycheck from PokerStars. Here’s a small part of the explanation that Coren offered through her blog:

It’s not anti-casino either; I spend a lot of time in casinos, and I have been known to indulge in live table gaming.

But I cannot professionally and publicly endorse it, even passively by silence with my name still over the shop. Poker is the game I love, poker is what I signed up to promote. The question I’m probably asked most often in interviews is about the danger of addiction, going skint and so on. I’m always careful to explain the difference between the essentially fair nature of poker, where we all take each other on with the same basic chance, and those casino games at unfavourable odds which can be (especially online) so dangerous for the vulnerable or desperate.

This is not the end of Coren’s poker career, nor does she bare any ill will against PokerStars. In fact, she didn’t rule out a potential return if there were any “pure poker” product that they could work on in the future. But as a successful writer and game show host, Coren is somebody who doesn’t need Stars as much as other players.

Hopefully we’ll continue seeing her on the felt quite often, especially since she’s the only player to win two EPT titles. But when we do see Coren playing, she won’t be wearing the PokerStars patch any longer.