Valdemar Kwaysser wins LAPT in San Jose

by Poker Team

Hungarian wins 2nd Leg of the Latin America Poker Tour

24 year old, Valdemar Kwaysser, is $274,102 richer today after winning the second Latin America Poker Tour event in San Jose Costa Rica, hosted by PokerStars. His previous high win was a third place finish at the PokerStars Sunday Million tournament where he pocketed $133K+. This was only the second live tournament for the young Hungarian, as he outlasted 389 other participants.

Valdemar Kwaysser

Final Table at the LAPT San Jose, Costa Rica

On his way to the final table, Valdemar Kwaysser beat a number of formidable Poker Stars poker pros including, Daniel Negreanu, Humberto Brenes, Isabelle Mercier, Andre Akkari and Victor Ramdin.

Valdemar came in to the final table with a 3 to 1 chip count advantage. The flop came: 9-8-8. Steinberg had a J-9 and Kwaysser had pocket rockets (A-A). That was that and Kwaysser won the tournament with that hand.

“I really wanted to win,” Kwaysser said. “But I know I had a really lucky period today. Steven [Silverman] trapped me. But that’s poker. You sometimes play perfect and you don’t get the results. And sometimes it’s different.”

How Kwaysser got there

Valdemar qualified for the LAPT in Costa Rica by playing a $200 online qualifier at PokerStars. Not bad considering he turned that $200 into $274,102. If you are interested in playing in qualifiers for live events, visit our PokerStars page for the latest PokerStars bonus and download.

Full Results:

1st - Valdemar Kwaysser - Hungary 0 $274, 102

2nd — Max Steinberg, USA, $144,773
3rd — Steven Silverman, USA, PokerStars qualifier, $106,167
4th — Alexander Soderlund, Sweden, PokerStars qualifier, $77,212
5th — Alec Torelli, USA, PokerStars qualifier, $57,909

6th — Pawel Sanojca, Poland, PokerStars qualifier, $38,606
7th — Ashton Griffin, USA, $28,955
8th — Joe Ebanks, USA, PokerStars qualifier, $19,303
9th — Steven Thompson, Costa Rica, PokerStars qualifier, $14,477

10th — Michael Hull, United States, PokerStars qualifier, $12,547
11th — Luis Jaikel, Costa Rica, $12,547
12th — Victor Lemos, Panama, $12,547

13th — Don Stockwell, Costa Rica, $10,617
14th — Dave Robinson, USA, PokerStars qualifier, $10,617
15th — Natasha Ellis, UK, PokerStars qualifier, $10,617
16th — Josh Prager, USA, PokerStars qualifier, $10,617

17th — Mario del Valle, Guatemala, $8,686
18th — Marijo Cupic, Holland, PokerStars qualifier, $8,686
19th — Corrie Johannes Romate, Holland, Poker Stars qualifier, $8,686
20th — Andre Wagner, Germany, PokerStars qualifier, $8,686

21st — Raphael Cerpedes, France, $8,686
22nd — Felipe Montenegro, Costa Rica, $8,686
23rd — Jos De Jonge, Holland, PokerStars qualifier, $8,686
24th — Oded Minond, Argentina, PokerStars sponsored player, $8,686

25th — Manoj Viswanathan, USA, Poker Stars qualifier, $6,756
26th — Richard Shtrax, USA, PokerStars qualifier, $6,756
27th — Randy Jacobson, USA, $6,756
28th — Marius Skoglund Torbergsen, Norway, $6,756
29th — Mark Demasis, USA, PokerStars qualifier, $6,756
30th — Fred Jacobson, Costa Rica, $6,756
31st — Christopher Jones, USA, Poker Stars qualifier, $6,756
32nd — Rafael Indriago, Venezuela, $6,756

$2,500 buy-in
398 players
Total prize pool: $965,150