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US Search Engine Accepts Internet Gambling Ad

by Poker Team

Yatinoo, a trilingual web portal and search engine, has announced an agreement with online poker site, PokerStars. According to the marketing agreement, Yatinoo will display a PokerStars banner on their site in exchange for “referral fees”. According to Khaled Akid, Yatinoo’s Chief Executive Officer,

“Today’s announcement underscores the recognition of Yatinoo’s innovation as an online content provider. As part of our 2009 global growth strategy, we have identified key potential acquisition targets and alliances that we expect to position Yatinoo to become a leading web portal in key markets around the world”

About Yatinoo

Yatinoo is a US based search engine, web 2.0 portal, offering cutting edge Internet based services to a worldwide audience with a primary focus on English, Arabic, and French languages. Its main market focus is on the emerging markets of the Arabic, African, and Asian communities residing across the world including the United States. In fact, Yatinoo states that about 17% of the approximately 300 Million US residents have a direct African, Asian or Arabic background which represents a market of about 50 Million people. Yatinoo differentiates itself from larger competitors like Yahoo and Google by offering customizes services like: email, weather forecasts, e-cards, and toll free calls to VoIP soft-phones to the countries covered by Yatinoo’s Arabic, African and Asian markets.

Yatinoo International S.A. is based in Malaga, Spain and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Yatinoo, Inc., a Delaware (USA) corporation (formerly known as Stone Consulting Services) which acquired the Spanish company on November 13, 2008. Officially, Yatinoo is headquartered in Delaware with offices located in Massachusetts, according to their stock quote page. Stock Symbol: YTNO

Search Engines Accepting Gambling Ads?

Back in 2004, both Google and Yahoo announced that they would no longer accept Internet gambling advertisements on their popular paid advertising models in the United States. Gambling sites are still not permitted with either search engine but recently Google has relaxed that policy for advertising in the UK. With the announcement of Yatinoo accepting advertisements for real money poker site, PokerStars in exchange for “referral fees”, it seems as though one US based search engine is now accepting ads for poker sites.

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