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US says OK to Online Poker in the Nude

by Poker Team

US Senate Passes Resolution to Allow Nude Online Poker Play

Nude Online Poker PlayIn the wake of HR 6663, Senate reconvened today and whilst was unable to agree on that bill, did take the time to clarify an earlier ruling. In March of this year the bill was signed into law making it unlawful to play poker in the nude. While met with fierce resistance from The Naturist Society (, this bill went largely unnoticed by the majority of the online poker community. When asked for his reaction to this, volatile pro Mike Matusow would only say that’s he’s experimented with concept of nude online play but “there’s nothing gay about that, right?” Other notable players such as Phil Helmuth would only say that what happens in his house, stays in his house.

A Savior Arises from the Depths of The Poker Hall of Shame

Flying under the radar, the reclusive Dutch Boyd took up the cause of these nude loving poker players. Working with the PPA, Dutch figured this was a great way for him to finally find a group of poker players that would accept him and welcome into their fold. After months of lobbying, Dutch was finally able to gain enough swing votes (LOL) from several Senators to pass the resolution. When pressed about his motivation to help this cause Dutch had this to say – “I felt that after ripping off so many poker players with my old company PokerSpot, that I could at least make a contribution and fight for the rights of so many nude poker players.”

With Freedom also Comes Responsibility

Poker Naturalists beware! Although the new bill makes it legal to now play poker online in the nude, this ONLY applies to play money tables. Bill Frist was quick to issue a statement saying that while he strongly opposes any sort of nude online poker playing, that anyone caught playing real money poker while naked will face stiff (ha ha) prosecution. He went on to mention that “he knows people who know people who know to toss a salad.” When pressed for further clarification, he made a vague reference to the following clip -


While the bill does not carve out any specifics regarding clothed online play, we feel it’s still safe to play fully clothed (wear a jacket just in case) at sites like Full Tilt Poker.

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