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Ultimate Bet Scandal Seemingly Reaches Conclusion

by Poker Team

The biggest and most troubling scandal to rock online poker has seemingly come to an end as the Kahnawake Gaming Commission finally released a decision over this past weekend.
When the dust had settled, the commission confirmed what just about everyone following this story had already known; that cheating did in fact take place on the site. The ruling stated that in addition to UltimateBet returned $22 million to players who had been cheated, parent company Tokwiro Enterprises has been fined a total of $1.5 million.

As part of the official statement, the KGC said,

“Despite the unfortunate circumstances that resulted in this cheating, we are satisfied that the actions taken by the Commission provided an equitable result for affected players - our first priority.We remain optimistic that this experience and the lessons learned from it will result in a higher standard of gaming regulation for companies licensed and regulated within the Mohawk Territory of Kahnawake and elsewhere.”

In its findings, the KGC found that a grand total of 23 accounts in control of 117 usernames were involved in the cheating in which the perpetrators were able to see everyone’s hole cards through the use of software that was loaded onto UltimateBet servers towards the end of 2005. Disgraced former WSOP champion Russell Hamilton was named as the ringleader of the massive fraud ad was the only perpetrator named, which may be troubling as well.

Once money was collected, the ring would utilize inter account transfers to pass the money around and changed usernames often to avoid being detected. In a bit of a surprising twist, the KGC has handed over its report to the proper authorities, meaning that the first fraud cases against online poker may be on the way. However, at least it is strongly believed that nothing remotely close to this occurrence will again happen on the site.

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