UB Poker Payouts coming Soon

by Jeremy

It didn’t take UB Poker and their sister site Absolute Poker long to crumble after the US Department of Justice cracked down on Black Friday (April 15th). The once mighty sites that comprised the CEREUS network saw their traffic hit rock bottom, and they’ve been unable to honor player cashouts in the aftermath.

Perhaps there could be some changes coming on this front since it’s been announced that Absolute and UB Poker have worked out a plan with the US DOJ to return funds to players. PocketFives co-owner Adam Small is the one who alerted the poker world to the possible payouts after he spoke with insiders from the CEREUS network.

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Following the guilty plea by Absolute Poker co-founder Brent Beckley, Small said that both sites are more serious now than ever about getting everything sorted out and retiring from the online poker game. He was quoted as saying, “From what I’ve been hearing around, it seems that people will be paid significantly less than the full amount of what they’re owed.” Small added, “It seems like they (Absolute and UB Poker) are legitimately closing shop and paying out what’s left.”

The PocketFives figurehead would go on to say that players should only expect to receive around 20-25 cents per dollar when cashing out. Obviously this isn’t what people want to hear who are owed money by either UB or Absolute Poker, but it’s better than getting zero cents on the dollar.

Over the past few months, many players who had money stuck on UB Poker have all but forgotten about their money since it’s been so long. So perhaps they’ll just think any payment from the CEREUS network is a bonus at this point.

  • jim k

    anything at this point would be nice? any advice on steps to take on claiming the money