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UB Poker Documentary coming

by Jeremy

UB Poker is perhaps the most scandal-ridden site in online poker history dating back to its superuser travesty. In the superuser scandal, key staff members of UB rigged the software to where they could see opponents’ hole cards. The end result was that people like Russ Hamilton made millions off of unsuspecting players.

As if all this wasn’t bad enough, UB Poker furthered their infamy by going down with millions of dollars worth of player deposits post-Black Friday. With so much corruption surrounding this poker room, it seemingly deserves a movie, and noted poker writer Scott Bell (a.k.a. ElevenGrover) is looking to provide this.

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Bell recently discussed the documentary on QuadJacks Radio and said that all of his investigation was originally in blog format. However, rather than expect everybody to read through massive blog posts, ElevenGrover felt that the information would be more viewer-friendly if put into documentary format.

As for when we can expect the UB Poker documentary, Bell says that he’s looking for a late fall or early winter release. Assuming everything works out well, the documentary will be available to the public through DVD. It’s also worth saying that Bell plans to release his movie to the film festival circuit as well.

The main points that this documentary will cover include the great lengths that UB Poker took to cover their tracks, how a large amount of players didn’t receive compensation after being cheated, and the fact that many of those involved in the scandal are still walking around today. If you’d like to find out more about Scott Bell’s upcoming documentary on the UB Poker scandal, you can watch the interview below:

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