Online Poker Awards Sizeable Bad Beat Jackpot to 60-Year Old Woman

by Omar

If you are a poker player, either live, online or both, by now you have probably heard enough bad beat stories to last you a lifetime, regardless of how old you are. Bad beats can be brutal, but they are a part of the game, and if you play the game enough, you probably have a few to tell of your own.

However, when you lose a seemingly invincible hand at a casino or online poker site that offers a bad beat jackpot, well, that helps take the sting off. Over at, the oft-embattled online poker site, they offer one of the best Bad Beat Jackpots around. About 48 hours ago, their pot was sitting at a swollen $670,575.38 when a 60-year old female player from Texas was settling in at a .25 - .50 game and must have been feeling really good about her holding, quad 9’s. However, the player named “KAPPIT” probably never imagined that her hand was, in fact, no good, as her opponent, “CIBV” happened to have quad Queens. What likely was a horrifying realization quickly turned into supreme jubilation as “KAPPIT” had actually won the Bad Beat Jackpot. By losing the hand, she picked up a sweet $218,115.71. Meanwhile, the winner of the hand took down $109,057.85 as well as the winning pot. Additionally, the other remaining table mates were awarded $1,000 apiece for essentially being in the right place at the right time. If that’s not enough, 610 players who were playing at the same stakes, .25 - .50 were given $89.36.

When reached for comment, “KAPPIT” said, “I’ve been playing poker for 45 years now, mostly live poker, and I hit a jackpot once in a land-based casino. This is the biggest prize I’ve ever gotten, though. Hats off to UB Poker. It was ‘SO’ my lucky day to capture the Bad Beat Jackpot. It looks like our dream of trading off our 1995 truck will finally happen. Keep those jackpots coming UB… dreams do come true.”

To date, no other poker site has awarded more Bad Beat Jackpot prize money that Since its inception, $58,114,636.59 has been awarded and the pot just keeps on growing. In fact, in 2010 alone, $9,328,292.80 has been given out to the luckiest unlucky players out there.

Once the latest jackpot was hit, 25% of the pot began fueling the next round, which means it got a nice $167,643.85 headstart and by yesterday, the total was quickly approaching a quarter of a million dollars.

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