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TwoPlusTwo Sues Dutch Boyd

by Poker Team

Over on popular internet forum, there is a thread that is sparking an inordinate amount of discussion. It involves the company itself, and its lawsuit against professional poker player, Dutch Boyd. Apparently, Boyd registered for the domain, and this has rattled more than a few feathers at twoplustwo, specifically those of founder Mason Malmuth. This is not the first time Boyd has been at the center of this type of controversy as he was apparently at the center of another website called which allegedly still owes numerous online players money.

However, this move by Boyd, to acquire the name of a site name which could easily be mistaken for the popular Malmuth’s site, which is causing such a major uproar. Posters are lining up on both sides of the debate. Many of the anti-Boyd messages seem to be from those well-aware of his checkered past and believe he was purposely trying to deceive people trying to get to Malmuth’s site. On the other side are those who seem to view Malmuth as a bully of some sort who should have done the due diligence and obtained the web address in question himself.

In an attempt to defend himself, Boyd responded to the lawsuit and even posted on a message he had sent to the Las Vegas Sun newspaper.

Here is the email posted on by none other than Boyd himself:

“Hi Steve,

I’m the poker player getting sued by Mason Malmuth. If you are interested in getting a comment, you can email me any question you might have or even better hit me up on skype or call my cell at (# deleted). If you just want a general comment, here is what I’ve got :

“It is never fun to be sued… especially by someone you look up to and respect professionally.

Mason Malmuth is a genius poker theorist and poker author and his books are largely responsible for much of my own success in poker, including my world series of poker bracelet.

Personally, however, Mason has shown over and over that he is a bully and willing to outspend his perceived adversaries into submission.

The lawsuit he is bringing against me is based on a domain name that he currently owns: It is without merit and is designed to encourage me to pay him off or face a substantial legal bill defending myself against it.

Unfortunately, the strategy will work, and he will be successful in wasting both of our time and money as well as the Nevada taxpayer’s money. The only people who will be coming out ahead in this game is Mr. Malmuth’s overpriced attorneys.”

Kind Regards,
Dutch Boyd”

Posted at the beginning on the weekend, the thread regarding the lawsuit is among the most read and currently discussed on the popular forum. It seems to be a solid place to find more about this story as it develops and is sure to continue to pick up steam.

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