TwoPlusTwo Devastated after Hacking, Site Down 4-6 Days

by Jeremy Olson on April 28, 2012

The other night, the world’s most popular poker forum,, was the victim of a devastating cyber attack after an anonymous hacker broke into the site’s database. The hacker was able to access email addresses and encrypted passwords, which prompted TwoPlusTwo to shut their site down before any more information was compromised. Part of a message on their site reads as follows:

On April 26th at approximately 11:20 AM pacific time, the Two Plus Two Forums were closed as a result of a hacker who has displayed the ability to access e-mail addresses and encrypted passwords. He also indicated the ability to decrypt passwords.

While it is unclear the extent of data to which he gained access, e-mail addresses and passwords on the Two Plus Two forums should be considered compromised. If you have used your 2+2 password on any other site, you are advised to change it.

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Since their original warning, little has changed at TwoPlusTwo since they’re currently trying to patch up their site and ensure that such an attack is avoided in the future. They issued the following update:

Given that this happened in spite of having applied all current security patches from the companies that provide our forum software, we are in the process of employing additional security experts to ensure that we are in compliance with the highest security measures possible.

At this point in time we anticipate forum downtime to be within 4-6 days.

Since opening in 1997, TwoPlusTwo has remained one of the biggest entities within the poker world. Hundreds of thousands of players visit 2p2 on a regular basis to share news, poker strategy, and various other tidbits. That said, there’s more than a few people who are angry over being deprived of their 2p2 privileges.