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TwoPlusTwo back Online on May 12th?

by Jeremy

One situation that we’ve been closely following over the past few days involves a devastating cyber attack that the TwoPlusTwo forums suffered on April 26th, 2012. We already wrote extensively about the TwoPlusTwo hacked story, but the basic jest of it is that some creep got into the poker site’s database, then was able to view account information of various players.

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Since that time, TwoPlusTwo has shut down their site and begun working with a security team in an effort to remedy the major problem. Unfortunately, it’s been a much slower than expected process because users won’t be able to access the site for at least another week. The front page of the website says so with the following message:

Today’s conservative target date for the forums to come back is May 12th. The 2+2 Magazine is delayed but still coming to you soon.

This is certainly quite a bit different from what the poker forum expected right after the attack when they stated, “At this point in time we anticipate forum downtime to be within 4-6 days.” Since this message, which was released on April 27th, forum users have practically been going through withdrawal because many players worldwide were regulars on the site. We at AintLuck also enjoy checking the news/gossip section of the site because many breaking stories are often printed here right away.

In any case, we hope that the site is able to fix their securities issues soon and prevent any more hackers from doing damage in the future. Seeing as how 2p2 is one of the largest entities in the poker world, there’s a very good chance that they’ll be able to fix the problems quite adequately.

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