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Turbo Poker Tournaments - Dealing with Blinds

by Jeremy

Turbo poker tournaments are always a huge draw to players because they’re quick and action-packed. Unfortunately, turbos are also quite tough because you’re dealing with rapidly rising blind levels, and this doesn’t give you much time to wait for premium hands. That being the case, let’s look at some things you should remember when dealing with blinds in turbo poker tournaments.

Don’t be Afraid to shove

After just a few blind levels, you’re usually going to be shortstacked because they increase so fast in turbos. And as many online poker players know, being short-stacked puts you in a shove-or-fold position. Now it might seem strange to be shoving early in a tournament with marginal holdings, but you’re often put in this position during the early stages of a turbo. Assuming your stack is at 10bb or less, look to shove with any decent hand.

Steal whenever Possible

Stealing blinds is crucial in turbo poker tournaments because you need to build a stack quickly. So you have to look to steal small pots whenever the opportunity arises. As a general rule of thumb, you should steal from the button any time action is folded to you. If the table folds to you in the small blind, this is also an excellent time to steal because the big blind is the only player that can contest you.

Be Prepared to take Coin Flips

Skill doesn’t always win out in the end when playing turbos, and you’ll often be left in a lot of coin flip situations. Of course, it’s necessary to take these opportunities when they arise because you can’t always wait for the perfect +EV situation in turbos. Also keep in mind that you’ll suffer plenty of bad beats in these tourneys with all of the shoving that goes on so don’t let it get you down.

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