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Top Pros Now Playing MicroStakes Games at Full Tilt

by Poker Team

News around the message boards are buzzing that Full Tilt pros such as Scott Hishmann and Paul Sexton have been spotted playing in microstakes games on Full Tilt Poker. Fishmann was playing 0.05/0.10 while Sexton was playing 0.10/0.25.  Speculation abounds as to why players of this magnitude would be playing with regular folks.  Have they gone broke or are they living up to a Full Tilt contractual agreement?

During chat in their games, railbirds asked both players why they were playing so low, asking if it were some kind of a prop bet.  Both players denied that assumption.  Forum members claim to have heard that all Full Tilt pros must play a certain amount at the tiny stakes in part to generate interest in the games from regular players looking to test their wares against a top notch pro.

Apparently, by taking part in these games, the Full Tilt pros earn $30 per hour plus rakeback fees, not a bad incentive to do so. Plus, by playing inferior competition, they also can build up their bankrolls.  Players are salivating at the opportunity to take on the professionals as more than one gamer states that Fishmann is just not a very good cash game player at all.

So players should take notice.  Look up your favorite red poker pro on Full Tilt and see if you can felt them.

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