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Top Euro Players Have Brutal Week

by Omar

The past 48 hours have not been very kind to the most famous professional poker players remaining at Full Tilt Poker.

Since Black Friday, Finnish pro Patrik Antonius and Danish pro Gus Hansen, for better or for worse have been taking turns stealing the headlines from reports regarding the high stakes cash games. Whether they are winning or losing, the eyes of the poker world are watching.

Leading up to this weekend, the only headlines they have made, center around the  virtual pounding they have been taking at the tables.  For the earlier parts of 2011, Hansen was perched among the top money earners. However, slowly but surely, he is falling down the list. Antonius meanwhile has been one of the more successful players since the mass exodus of American players in mid-April.  However, he too seems to have hit a bump in the road.

In his latest poor session, Hansen found time to play over 2000 hands, though he probably wishes he had been more busy at the site of the European Poker Tour Grand Finale.  That’s because Hansen took a major blow to the chin as he dropped more than a quarter million dollars playing Pot Limit Omaha. Up against the likes of O Fortuna PLS, DrugsOrMe and others at $300/$600 blinds, Hansen lost pot after pot before finally calling it quits for the night.  Things aren’t completely bleak for Hansen as, despite the losing session, he remains over 
$2.8 million up on the year, even though he is down over $800k in the last month.

On the other hand, Antonius has enjoyed great success since Black Friday, as evidenced by the fact he is up over $1.7 million in the last month. However, in limited 
action last week, Antonius managed to donate $150k while participating in a scant 251 hands.

Also on the losing list of players is Ilari “Ziigmund” Sahamies. Sahamies is mired in the middle of an extended slump that had been in effect since January.  To date, Sahamies is down almost a half million dollars despite being up $100k in the last week.

You can continue to expect these European players appearing in the top news stories of the day until if and when the US re-enters the online poker market again.

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