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Top 5 Poker Blogs - Picks

by Poker Team

Here at, we read quite a bit of poker content throughout the day and weeks.  We try to provide our readers with relevant poker strategy articles as well as the latest news and poker industry happenings because, well, we love the online poker industry and the game of poker.  We know we have some great readers out there and we know you like to read our content and it’s appreciated.

In the spirit of the holidays, we’d like to show our readers the poker blogs we like to read on a daily basis.  We just would like to thank these sites for continually providing quality poker information and entertainment for thousands of poker enthusiasts out there just like ourselves.

Top 5 Poker Blogs

1. WickedChops

2. Pokerati

3. Tao of Poker

4. Ed Miller’s NotedPokerAuthority

5. Melted Felt - the other side of Poker News

** Bonus Poker Blog/Site: Gambling911

Once again, a big thanks to all these talented authors and sites for providing, in our opinion, some of the best poker content on the web. Check them out!

Markus and the poker crew.

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