Tom Dwan had “Biggest Loss Ever” this Week

by Jeremy Olson

Several years ago, Tom Dwan gained international fame for turning a $50 online poker deposit into a multi-million dollar bankroll. Dwan has since transitioned away from the online poker world and into the high stakes games in Asia. And these games have apparently been good to him, especially with so many Asian businessmen/fish taking part.

Unfortunately, it looks like Dwan took a bit of a hit this week. While visiting Taiwan, Dwan tweeted about his misfortune with the following:

In taiwan for the 1st time ever… Not leaving the airport tho. Maybe next trip. Had my biggest loss ever yesterday

The one question on everybody’s mind who read this tweet is how much exactly did Dwan lose. He’s been involved in some of the biggest cash games in history - both online and live - so we can only wonder what enormous amount he dropped. My only guess is that he lost millions before his stop in Taiwan.

But even after dropping a significant fortune, Dwan was able to shake it off. In fact, he even seemed to be in a good mood after tweeting the following post and picture:

Pocket sized airport tram (I’m touching the other end when I took pic). Amuses me for some reason, not like US ones

Despite his bad week, it’s a good bet that Dwan will win a good portion of his losses back. After all, he’s very good at befriending businessmen and fellow pros who compete in the world’s biggest poker games.

As for his online profits, Dwan hit a peak of $8 million in winnings in 2010. However, he’s gradually lost some of this money over the years and now sits at $2.3 million in profits.