Todd Brunson in Financial Dire Straits

by Poker Team

The buzz around message boards in centering around the financial status around Todd Brunson, one of the world’s leading poker players as well as the son of living legend Doyle Brunson.

According to a post he made on CardPlayer magazine as well as comments made on Poker After Dark, the current financial crises in the United States has had a profound negative impact on his finances.  Brunson had invested in several restaurants and bars, several of which have gone belly up, taking his investments down with them.

Specifically, Brunson invested heavily into a developing entertainment complex in Las Vegas and as a result is experiencing difficulty in getting a bank to loan him some capital.  In addition to the real estate issues, he allegedly will not be appearing on Poker After Dark and High Stakes Poker as much as expected, furthering to weaken his standing.

Some forum pundits are beginning to speculate that he no longer has a significant poker bankroll as he is seeking investors to stake him into events.  He appears to have hit a serious wall and with the rising caliber of poker players out there, this has to be a major concern.

No word yet on whether his father Doyle will be of any assistance now that his son is in trouble.

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  • Fliphall

    Can’t be all that bad, saw him playing at Aria last week in the big game in the Ivey room.