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Titan Poker VIP Program

by Poker Team

When online poker players are deciding on what site to play on, one of the more important things to consider are what type of VIP rewards program they offer their players.  PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker have two of the most recognizable rewards programs around.  Looking to jump into this market place, Titan Poker has announced the reformation of their revamped awards program called Club Titan.

Titan VIP Rewards Program Details

Titan players now accumulate points for the amount of hands they play playing poker on the site.  The program consists of 6 different tiers, with each tier carrying over into the next calendar month.  Here is a table illustrating the Titan VIP level with the associated points needed to achieve each:

VIP Level    Needed Points
Bronze    -
Silver    1,600
Gold    7,000
Platinum    11,000
Titanium    18,000
Diamond    40,000

Titan Poker Cash Exchange Program

In addition to access to monthly freerolls based on VIP level, Titan has a very competitive points to cash program which rivals any other online poker site on the market today.  Below is a table for the points for cash exchange program they offer:

VIP Reward: Cash for Points
Exchanged Points    Reward
2,000    $10
6,500    $45
20,000    $150
80,000    $800
160,000    $1,750
320,000    $4,000
600,000    $8,000
1,000,000    $14,000
2,500,000    $39,000
7,000,000    $120,000

In addition to earning cash rewards, players may also buy tickets to their larger tournaments through the Club Titan Store.

Titan Poker VIP Points

As previously stated, players earn points for the amount in rake they generate. Regardless of a player’s VIP level, they earn points for cash games, Sit and Go tournaments and multi-table tournamentsFor tournaments, players receive 17 points for each $1 paid in tournament fees.  In cash games, the points are distributed based on rake amounts. On average, for every $1 generated in rake, a player earns 17 points.

For players looking to earn the most bang for their buck, literally, Titan Poker is a destination worth checking out.

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