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Tiger Woods Turns Down $75 Million Sponsorship

by Poker Team

Though sponsors are dropping him left and right, the world’s greatest and most embattled golfer found a way to turn away a massive sponsorship deal which would have netted him $75 million. Tiger Woods, who has not been seen in public with the exception of a highly publicized public apology was offered the gargantuan sum from a site called Paddy Power. The company is an online poker site which also offers sports betting ad online casino and was looking to hit a home run, if only they could net the biggest name imaginable. However, as the Woods camp has been furiously working on damage control since Thanksgiving, becoming aligned with a little known gambling site may not have been the best move despite the instant financial windfall the signing would have meant.

Paddy Power is an offshore company which derives most of its revenue from poker players in Ireland and they are not very well-known otherwise. Recognizing this fact, they prepared the mammoth endorsement offer knowing full well that the only chance they had was if they offered the staggering dollar figure. Details around the offer are not fully known but an anonymous source revealed that the offer was for 5 years. Perhaps working for or against them was the fact that former NBA great, Dennis Rodman, had just signed on to endorse a poker site on the Cake Poker Network called Only Poker.

Also rumored is that this offer was just an initial one made to get Woods’ attention and that Paddy Power would come back with an even more lucrative offer for even more years. It remains quite unlikely that they will succeed in this attempt as gambling associations are generally frowned upon in pro sports circles and the only party that would benefit would be the site, and not the golfing great.

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