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Things Getting Even Worse for Pitbull Poker

by Poker Team

When your offices close up shop and your boss is placed under arrest, normally, things can’t get much worse for your company. However, things really are getting worse for the newly defunct Pitbull Poker and its operators with the news that after learning that the site was in fact doing shady things against its customer, players are now seriously considering taking legal action against them.

Previously, it was reported that the company had utilized superuser account in order bilk clients’ money. On the heels of that announcement, company executives hastily closed up shop and the company CEO was placed under arrest and charged with fraud. On the late hours of September 29, Pitbull Poker heads Kevin Baronowski and someone known only as “Jordan” were spotted by employees of taking computers out of the Costa Rican headquarters and were taken away by police when the employees alerted the police. Once this occurred, there was no more signs of Pitbull anywhere on the internet. Then, on October 6th, a person with knowledge of the events, former Pitbull Poker Network Manager Dave Brenes said, “From what I heard, it was shut down. There was a rumor that it was back, but it’s shut down.” In fact, players were able to still able to log in, but no games were actually running.

Now, customers affected by the rip-off are irate, and they want action. Leading the charge is a poster named “JC Hawk” who claims that he lost $100,000 on the site. While this amount seems excessive and can not be verified at present time, scores of other cheated customers have joined in claiming losses from $250 to $7500. In addition, former employees citing lost wages are also planning to take legal action.

Former manager Brenes responded to the claims stating that he was “never a partner, associate, director, or in any way related to the ownership of Pitbull Poker, Pitbull Casino, or Pitbull Partners. I was an employee hired to manage the network and support operations in whatever [ways] necessary.” He went on to deny having any role whatsoever in any of the financial aspects of the company.

Being that it is an international company, US jurisdiction remains muddy at best, and claims made would likely be subject to extreme legal hurdles. It seems that this is only the beginning of this developing story.

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