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theASHMAN103 Wins Over $1 Million in One Session

by Poker Team

All summer long, the high stakes action on the nosebleed tables on Full Tilt Poker has been plentiful and down-right mind boggling. Although it has become quite a regular occurrence to see the world’s best trade gargantuan sums of money from each other, it has not taken away any of the excitement from observers who routinely swarm the tables looking to see the next monster pot being taken down.

Last night’s notable table was found on Pot Limit Omaha with $300/$600 blinds. There were up to 9 tables going at one point at this limit which left watchers shuffling back and forth trying to keep up. Notables taking part in the action included Patrik Antonious, trex313, Phil Ivey, OMGClayAiken and martonas who has been bleeding off money bay the truckloads as of late. However, when the dust has settled, it was “theASHMAN103” who booked the largest win, reaping on over $1.285 million in winnings.

The largest pot he took was under $250K and was a hand in which he flopped large against Patrik Antonius. In addition, it was also against Antonius whom he won his second largest hand of the session, a $169K pot in which he hit a fortuitous turn card against the pro. His third largest came against trex313 when he outdrew a flopped set to the tune of a $151K win.

All in all, it was a series of relatively smallish pots that earned theASHMAN103 his monster win.

Phil Ivey was able to avoid ASHMAN’s buzzsaw and realized a profit of close to $400K while Richard Ashbey won $432K. Some other big names weren’t quite so fortunate. The day’s biggest losers were OMGClayAiken who lost $675K and trex313 who was down $417K.

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