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Teaser released for UB Poker Documentary

by Jeremy

Just recently, we discussed how poker writer Scott Bell was working on a documentary about the scandal-ridden UB Poker. In an interview, Bell said that he hoped the UB Poker documentary would be done by late fall or early winter. It looks like he’s making good on his words thus far since a teaser has already been released for the film.

When watching the trailer, which we’ve posted below, you can really get a good feel for the subject matter that they’re covering. One of the biggest themes here seems to be exposing more of the people and companies that were involved with the UB superuser scandal - where certain UB employees like Russ Hamilton used accounts that enabled them to see opponents’ hole cards.

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At this point, much of the poker community is still in the dark about some of the people who ran UB Poker at the time. For example, the teaser points out how Phil Hellmuth had a large stake in this poker site’s founding company - though he is rarely ever looked at as more than a sponsored player.

Furthermore, a software company called iSnare was supposed to catch cheating incidents like the superuser scandal right away. Instead, it found nothing and so numerous players were collectively cheated out of millions of dollars. Sadly, many of these players were never properly compensated for the money they lost due to cheating. And the owners who made the decision not to repay everybody have largely gone unpunished and unnoticed.

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