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Taking a Stand Against Kentucky

by Poker Team

A new website/blog titled, which opposes Governor Steve Beshear’s threat to seize website domains related to online gambling if those websites do not prohibit Kentucky gamblers from placing wagers on their gambling sites, has posted an online petition for those who do not approve of the governor’s proposed bill.

This petition directly addresses Gov. Beshear, asking him to “immediately cease and desist your efforts to undermine Internet commerce and civil liberties in your state and beyond.”

While this petition may be effective with enough signatures, the real pain might be felt by the other unaccommodating suggestions this website proposes. For one, the site recommends everyone who cares about this issue to call the governor’s office on Friday, October 31, 2008 (they even provide the phone number) in an attempt to flood the phone lines at the governor’s office. Should callers get through, they are advised to tell the office of their outrage at the governor for attempting to strip them of their civil liberties.

Furthermore, Boycott Kentucky asks people to avoid Kentucky bourbon or any other Kentucky-made products and to contact the companies that produce these goods, telling them you are no longer going to use their products and why. There is a complete list of all distilleries, including Jim Beam and Wild Turkey, as well as the contact info for the Kentucky Distiller’s Association, available on the website.

The author of the site does make a few good points as to why this matter presents such a threat. He suggests that since online poker and online gambling in general is taking away from Kentucky gambling, then the governor will attack such websites as Ebay next for taking away from Kentucky garage sales, an exaggeration of course, but a good argument, nonetheless. Because if this bill does actually pass in this state, other states could very well follow, which means more trouble for online gambling in the US, as if the US needed more trouble. This petition and website is for everyone, not just KY residents, because this ruling could mean difficulties for other online industries, as well.

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