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Sunday Million Results 11/16/08

by Poker Team

PokerStars held it’s weekly Sunday Million though these days it could just as easily be called PokerStars Sunday 1.5Million.  This week’s version featured 7,999 entrants looking to win the prestigious weekly event.  The total prize required no overlay from PokerStars as the prize pool was $1,599,800. In a bit of a rarity, the final table consisted of just eight players as two players were eliminated on the final hand bubble.

Final Table

Going into the final table the chip counts were as follows:

1st - Jim “Mr_BigQueso” Collopy - 17,791,780
2nd - kesher79 - 13,642,058
3rd - orkim - 12,694,157
4th - mjluth - 11,728,249
5th - maverick8487 - 9,796,110
6th -jarocho123 -5,389,440
7th - rS.Wisdom - 4,937,219
8th - RiverCardRob - 4,010,987

As final table play began. The blinds and antes 200,000/400,000/40,000 and the early action was fast and furious as players jockeyed for chips and position, jarocho123′s shoved with As-Qd and was in a against kesher79′s pocket 4’s Jarocho failed to improve and was bounced in 8th place.  Just a couple hands later RiverCardRob was involved in a race of his own with AK against the pocket Queens of rSWisdom.  The flop showed an Ace but the poker gods were not in his favor as a Queen hit the river sending him packing in 7th place.

Shortly thereafter, the blinds increased to 250,000/500,000/50,000. On one of the first hands of the level rS.Wisdom raised 1,300,000 and was called by orkim from the small blind. The flop was 6s-4d-6d and orkim took the initiative betting out 1,500,000. rS.Wisdom simply smooth called.  The turn card was Kh and orkim checked. rsWisdom again bet out 1.5million. Orkin makes the call. After the river fell, the 7h, rSWisodm shoved all in and after deliberating, Orkin called with pocket 8’s and was a loser to Wisdom’s pocket Aces.  In the same level, Jim Callopy was eliminated in 5th place and a few short hands later Maverick 8487 busted in 4th place.

Final Heads Up Match

The tournament ended shortly thereafter in the very next level of  300,000/600,000/60,000 as Mjluth pushed from the small blind for just over 10,000,000 with AK kesher79 called with KQ. kesher79′s flopped a Queen and that was all for MJluth. Heads up play began with Kesher79 holding a 3-2 chip advantage and on the 6th hand of heads up play it was all over. kesher79 opened to 1,800,000 with pocket 2’s and rS.Wisdom called. The flop came Jh-10d-2h and rS.Wisdom check-called a bet of 2,400,000. An Ace fell on the turn and rsWisdom check called his remaining stack.  The final deuce hit on the river and kesher79 was the new Sunday Million champion.

Here are the final payouts.

1st - kesher79 - $195,975.50
2nd -  rS.Wisdom - $132,143.48
3rd -  mjluth - $89,588.80
4th - maverick8487 - $72,790.90
5th - Jim “Mr_BigQueso” Collopy - $56,792.90
6th -  orkim - $40,794.90
7th - RiverCardRob - $27,996.50
8th -  jarocho123 - $18,397.70
9th - LEstradioto - $11,198.60

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