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Sunday Million 8/3/08 - “Fred_Brink” Wins

by Poker Team

Fred_Brink winner of Sunday MillionYesterday’s PokerStars Sunday Million marked the first Sunday Million in history where the guaranteed prize pool was $1.5 Million. Previously, PokerStars had the largest guaranteed weekly at $1 Million but wanted to further solidify their stance as the online poker room leader in guaranteed tournaments. This week’s Sunday Million had a solid number of participants, 8,431, which contributed to the $1.68 Million prize pool. At the end of the day, the winner of this week’s tournament was “Fred_Brink“, a Danish poker player who earned over $204,000 for his first place finish.

Final Table at Sunday Million - 8/3/08

With our eventual winner (Fred_Brink) taking out the tenth place player (klezbomb), we were all set for the final 9 players at the Sunday Million:

betofetus (4,950,163 in chips)
Godfatti (7,972,659 in chips)
nofingclue11 (21,358,491 in chips)
Andy McLEOD (16,860,000 in chips)
Fred_Brink (11,521,764 in chips)
HappyOldMonk (5,398,075 in chips)
tpooch (3,716,775 in chips)
RProps (10,504,341 in chips)
djmib2 (2,027,732 in chips)

nofingclue11 and Andy McLEOD had a considerable chip lead going into this final table and used their lead to try and eliminate some of the players with smaller stacks. The blinds started at $150,000/$300,000 as both chip leaders used raises and continuation bets to stack the chips into this final table.

Big Moves Early

Our eventual winner, Fred_Brink, made the first big move against McLEOD as Brink went all-in with pocket kings against McLEOD’s AQo. The win helped Fred_Brink take the chip lead over nofingclue11. Shortly after this pot, nofingclue11 lost a huge pot to betofetus and the chip leaders to start the final table were immediately dropped into the middle of the pack.

The first elimination took place as McLEOD took at pot against tpooch and knocked him out in ninth place. McLEOD continued on his dominant tear as he eliminated djmib2 in eighth place shortly afterwards. HappyOldMonk and Godfatti hung on for a while but were the next to fall.

Biggest Pot

betofetus and nofingclue11 were involved in the biggest pot of the tournament. betofetus had pocket queens and nofingclue11 had the Big Slick (Ace and King in the hole). The flop came with a pair of Jacks and a queen on the river sent nofingclue11 home with a fifth place finish of $59,017.

Heads-Up Match Sunday Million - August 3, 2008

After a number of eliminations the final heads-up match pitted betofetus against Fred_Brink. The blinds were at $600,000/$1,200,000 with betofetus holding a 47,846,680 to 36,463,320 chip lead against Fred_Brink. Brink quickly took the chip lead as he slow played a flopped set of sixes and took a 70 Million to 13 Million chip lead. The final hand looked like this:

Fred_Brink: QhJh

betofetus: Js9s

Board: Qd 6h 8d Jc

River: 7s

The winner was Fred_Brink with 2 pair and betofetus walked home with $137,425 for the second place finish. Fred_Brink earned a hefty $204,198 for the first place finish.

About Fred_Brink

This Danish player now has over $250,000 in lifetime earnings online. His previous total was about $43,000 until this big Sunday Million win. Fred_Brink usually plays on PokerStars most often playing Multi table No Limit Hold’em tournaments with a buy-in of over $100 with 500 - 1999 players. Keep an eye out for screen name Fred_Brink on the PokerStars tables.

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