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Sunday Million 8/10/08 - ziggy47 Winner

by Poker Team

Ziggy47 - Sunday MillionOver 8,200 players participated in last night’s Sunday Million hosted by online poker room PokerStars. The $1.5 Million guaranteed tournament actually saw a total pot of $1,647,200, with 1260 players taking home some prize money. Ohhaaahhh was the final player to make it to the final nine and he was also the chips leader.

Sunday Million 8/10/08 Final Table

Here’s how the final table shaped up this week:

ziggy47 (Unted States)
puntnko (Australia)
j.thaddeus (Ireland)
ohhaaahhh (Unted States)
okidokiclub (Netherlands)
YrrsiNN (Switzerland)
Foggsy (Unted Kingdom)
WSODice (Unted States)
lissem (Norway)

Highlights at the Sunday Million

Lissem was the first player eliminated as his Ah-Ks battled against puntnko’s pocket queens. The players were all in and the board came: 4d-8s-4h-7s-2c

Ohhaaahhh took a commanding chip lead after an all-in with WSODice. Dice had pocket queens and Ohhaaahhh was at the table with pocket kings. The board came 9d-10h-9h-9s-10s and it was see ya later WSODice.

Ziggy47 takes control

Ziggy47 started to show his presence on the tables as he started to eliminate some players. Ziggy took out YrrsiNN as Ziggy’s Ac-Ks beat out YrrsiNN’s As-Qh.

The next victim for Ziggy was Okidokiclub. Ziggy raised preflop with Qh-10h and Okidokiclub moved all in with As-5h. The board came c-6d-Kc-2h-9d and Oki was out of the tournament in 5th place.

Heads Up Play

After a few more eliminations by Ziggy47 and Puntnko, the final heads-up match was set. Ziggy47 vs. Puntnko. Prior to the deal, both players agreed to about a $150,000 to $150,000 split with a remaining $30K left to play for. Here was the final hand.

Scenario: Ziggy raised, Puntnko re-reaised, Ziggy went all-in, and Puntnko called.

Ziggy47: Ac-Js

Puntnko: Ad-9h

Board: 8c-Ah-2d-7c-5h

With that hand, Ziggy47 took home the win and $182,438 in prize money. Not too bad for a Sunday’s night work. Puntnko still pocketed $151,283.

Who is Ziggy47?

Ziggy47, aka Daniel Bokesch, plays regularly on PokerStars and has a total of $587,877 in online poker winnings as of August 2008. He has made 90 final tables and his biggest cash was actually $199,475, not this week’s Sunday Million. Ziggy47 also players under other aliases with different online poker rooms:

UB: yankee47

Bodog: B_O_K_E

Party Poker: B_O_K_E

Full Tilt Poker: B_O_K_E

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