Tips for winning Texas Hold’em

Consider these fundamentals to improve your Texas Holdem play:

1. Keep your cool and don’t go on tilt. Consistently make sound choices with good odds.

2. Don’t play very many hands from early position. Stick to your starting hand standards. You’ll throw a lot of hands away, but you’ll be saving money.

3. Certain hands that you would fold in early position can be raising hands in late position. Position, Position, Position.

Tips for Winning Texas Hold'em

4. If the flop misses you’re hand, you need to consider releasing it. Remember that the flop is 71 percent of your hand. It doesn’t matter how excited you were about your hand before the flop, you may need to let it go.

5. Many of your opponents will play A-K and even sometimes A-Q or A-J like they’re holding pocket aces. A-K is a great drawing hand but it needs help.

6. Don’t bluff apparently bad players.