Raising in Texas Hold’em

Raising in Holdem adds flavor to the game of poker and increases the size of the pot. Sometimes you will raise and sometimes you will be raised. If the pot has been raised before its your turn to act, You need to tighten up on your hand selection. Generally, a player in late position may raise with anything if the only thing in the pot is the blinds, but if a player raises from early position, fold or play with high caution unless you have one of the strongest hands.

Raising in Texas Hold'em

You need a stronger hand to call a raise than to initiate a raise. If you raise, other players may fold and you will win the blinds by default, but calling a raise will force you to believe your opponent may have a strong hand. You should only call if you believe your hand is stronger.

Let’s also say a player raises after you’ve called. You are pretty much committed to calling that raise to see the flop and play from their. However, if you find yourself raised and then raised again, you should seriously consider throwing your cards away unless you have an extremely strong hand.

When Should You Raise in Texas Hold’em

In Texas Holdem the way to win is to be selective in your hands and aggressive in playing them. You won’t be successful in the long run by passively calling all the time. Sometimes you have to step up and initiate raises yourself. Here is some advice on hands to raise with:

You can always raise with a pair of aces, kings, queens, jacks, and 10s. If someone has raised before your turn to act and you have a pair of aces, kings, or queens in your hand, you should probably re-raise because your hand is probably better anyways. Re-raising will protect your hand by knocking other players out and minimizing the chances of someone getting lucky and catching cards on the flop.

You can also raise with suited AK, AQ, AJ, or KQ. If your cards are unsuited, limit your raising to AK, AQ, or KQ.

Another opportunity to raise comes in late position if no one has called the blinds. You can usually safely raise with any pair, and Ace with any kicker, or a King with any Queen, Jack, 10, or 9. In this case you hope it will cause the remaining player to fold, but you’re still in good position with an Ace or king.