Playing Mid Pocket Pairs

Perhaps some of the toughest starting hands in Texas Hold’em to play is mid pocket pairs. When you look down at your hand and you see two 7’s it can be difficult to understand what the right thing to do is. Depending on the circumstances, there are a variety of different things you could do with a hand such as this. Anyone that tells you to just simply fold your small to mid pocket pairs is not providing you with good advice. If you play them the correct way, they could actually be very valuable.

Playing Mid Pocket Pairs


When to Play a Mid Pocket Pair in Texas Hold’em

For the most part there are two different times where a mid pocket pair is going to be a good hand:

1. The first situation is in a heads up or very short handed situation. If you are heads up with another player and you have a mid pocket pair – you are a favorite to win. Take advantage of that and get your money in early. It will pay off more times then not. What you have to keep in mind however, is that the circumstances are completely different if you are playing at a full table.

2. The best time to get a mid pocket pair is during a big game. The only way your mid pocket pair is really going to pay off is if you can hit a set (meaning 3 of a kind - 3 of any card). Although it doesn’t happen very much, it will pay off just about every single time. Just remember that the pot odds must be right and the implied odds should be big if you are going to make a run for your set. The risk should be low, but the potential should be high.

Example of a Mid Pocket Pair Hand

The best time to get involved with a mid pocket pair would be when you are in late position and you are getting good pot odds.

Your hand: 7-7

You are on the button and there was a raise of 4 big blinds. It gets around to you and there where already 4 callers, with 2 more players still behind you waiting to act. You are getting at least 4:1 on your money probably more like 5:1 or 6:1. With so many players in, you will need to hit a set to win this hand. Still, if you do hit your set, you are going to get paid off. This is the time where it is worth it. If you do not hit your set on the flop; you fold. If you do hit it, make as much money as possible. Mid pocket pairs revolve around hitting sets (3 of a kind).

Just keep in mind that the odds of hitting your set are not very good. If the money is not there, the risk is not worth it. If there is some kind of all-in moment, you would not want to call with a mid pocket pair. If you play your mid pocket pairs the right way, you will make a lot of money from them. At the same time, if you play them wrong you will lose a lot of money.