Common No Limit Hold’em Mistakes

An easy trap that new poker players fall into is repeatedly making the same mistake over and over again. Many times as a player, you do not realize you are doing it. Here are five of those mistakes that new players usually make when playing No Limit Hold’em:

1. Seeing Too Many Flops

This is easily the number one mistake new players make when playing NLHE. You are not the player you see on TV, therefore, you do not need to be playing like they do. Realistically, if you are playing more than 25% of your hands, you are playing too many. Learn the motion of folding well, you will be doing it quite a bit.

2. Going Too Deep With a Mediocre Hand

While players do play too many hands, they also fall into the trap of playing them way to deep. This is a result of being involved in a hand that you shouldn’t have been in the first place. You really should not be moving past the flop unless you hold top pair or better.

3. Not Recognizing The Odds

Many novice players will play based on their feeling about the hand, or because its their lucky number. This is a bad idea. Poker is a game of pure math, and not knowing the odds, or worse, completely ignoring them is one of the most detrimental things you can do to your bankroll.

4. Playing With Too Much Emotion

No Limit Texas Hold’em gets extremely stressful, even after you have been playing it for a long time. The key is to not let what happens effect you emotionally, and more important that that is not letting those emotions effect your poker game. If you find this happening, take a break, and get yourself back to a relaxed state of mind before continuing.

5. Being Too Results Oriented

Getting your money in with the best hand and losing can be frustrating, but realize you made the right play. Do not let single hands and pots affect your game, and realize poker is a game that is long term, but does involve short term luck. The best thing that you can do is make sure you are playing the best poker that you can play at all times.

Poker gets frustrating, as do most things in life, but if it’s something you enjoy and want to get better at, you need to be able to ride those situations out. Immerse yourself in the game, and learn as much as possible. The more situations you get in with the best hand, the better your winning percentage will be. Avoid these mistakes in No Limit Hold’em and set yourself up for success, not failure.

Top No Limit Holdem Mistakes:

  1. Seeing Too Many Flops
  2. Going Too Deep with a Mediocre Hand
  3. Not Recognizing the Poker Odds
  4. Playing with Too Much Emotion
  5. Being Too Results Oriented