Pot Limit Omaha - Omaha Hi - Strategy and Tips

Although the play structure for Pot Limit Omaha (Omaha Hi version) is very similar to standard Texas Holdem, strategic consideration is quite different due to the amount of hole cards in Omaha Hi. This gives players better chances of hitting bigger hands than in standard Texas Holdem. In Omaha Holdem you will see a considerably more high ranked hands than in Texas Holdem. With that in mind here are some:

Omaha Hi Tips - Tips for Playing Omaha High

Tips to improve your Pot Limit Omaha (Hi version) play:

1. Muck Low hands: In Omaha Hi, low hands that would be powerhouses in Omaha 8 are rendered almost worthless. In Omaha 8 a hand like A-2-3-4 can easily make the best low hand and take half the pot, but in Omaha Hi this hand will very rarely get you anywhere.

2. Mid-Range Hands are OK. In Omaha 8, you have to worry about being stuck in the middle of a low and high hand. You can play mid range hands much more frequently in Omaha Hi.

3. Straights and Flushes. Because of the 2 extra hole cards, Omaha Hi is a game of straights and flushes. If the board is paired, you may have to worry about a full house but other than that, straights and flushes are the name of the game.

4. Higher Flushes. If you are looking to make a flush, you cards better be big. You would much rather make a straight with a hand like 10-9-8-7 than a flush. There is nothing worse than making a flush and being beat by a bigger one.